Behind the Scenes of a Lettering Project

The phrase “Today is Always the Best Day” materialized when I was looking for inspirational quotes for my lettering project. Phrases like “Make Today Awesome” or “Today is the Day” were good and inspiring, but for some reason they did not resonate with me strong enough. These quotes have too much action, while sometimes the hardest part is staying still and appreciate the moment. We all think too much about the future or the past. We are waiting for something or digging through the memories, although our best moment is now. And the best day is today. Always. 

Below I show my process from the first sketches to the final vector work.

I tried several calligraphic and brush pen variations.

Finally, I decided to keep the layout of the hand drawn version and tried to play with color while tweaking small details.

Over the time this phrase became a part of my philosophy, so I decided to set it in stone and create a clean vector version. 

After adding gradients and shadows, here is my final result.