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Building A Rocket | Lettering by Type and Graphics Lab | typeandgraphicslab.com

The beginning of the year started with some noticeable changes. I hope those changes are for the best, but I still need some time to accept them and adjust accordingly. Without going into details, let’s say I’m faced with the need to put some parts of my life on pause, and wait for a while for those changes to happen. To be honest, the time is my biggest concern. Waiting is hard for me. It’s especially hard since I feel that I’m constantly being late with all the important stuff like learning to walk as a child or realizing what I really want to do with my life (career-wise). Everything happens… late. I’ve already spent almost ten years going into one direction. Then I changed that direction to a completely new one, building everything from scratch. It took me some time to get on a new path. It feels that I’m already late. Can everything be delayed even more? Would it be too late or just late if I wait a little bit more? Maybe it’s time to learn my own biggest lesson in patience. Moving forward is not possible without truly accepting my time, my speed, and my path. Maybe there's another way to look at things. Imagine a passenger who was running to catch the train, but only gets to the station to see that the train has already gone. And the station is empty. And the wind is blowing. And it’s the sunset. And everything seems missed forever. Right now I feel like I am at this station catching this train (this is how late I feel). But here the magic happens. Am I going to wait for the next train? Hell no! I don’t need the next train or the train at all. I’m building a rocket.

Building A   Rocket | Lettering by Type and Graphics Lab | typeandgraphicslab.com