Holidays approaching

Tomorrow I am going to Moscow and will stay there for two weeks. For some reason I'm not in the right mood for Christmas holidays, and my head is occupied with the never-ending digital stuff to do. That's why I should probably turn off my computer right now and start preparing the luggage. It's a perfect thing that helps me realize an upcoming adventure. 

Have a great Christmas time! 


Moving to Germany

My blog is in a standby mode right now due to the transcontinental moving from the U.S. to Germany. But I will come back really soon with more inspirational posts to share. By the way I will update my Instagram during the trip, so keep in touch!

    I found this quote in my recent fortune cookie. This is incredibly inspiring!


 I found this quote in my recent fortune cookie. This is incredibly inspiring!

Before starting a new chapter in my life, I would like to say few words about my U.S. experience. To be honest, I was struggling during my first month in the U.S. (new country, new rules, new “art de vivre” or rather “art de travail”?). But even under all these complicated circumstances I noticed at once that the U.S. was full of amazing people: hard working, smart, creative, motivated and open to all opportunities and collaborations. People are really supportive and kind here and this is the most important thing about the U.S. I am especially glad that I met the best team in the world at Design Museum Boston and spent wonderful time with them (my friends, I will miss you so much!!!).

What more can I say? Thank you!