Alphabet Exploration

I started Alphabet Exploration eight months ago to learn the various ways to construct letterforms. I was looking at existing typefaces on my computer as well as gathering inspiration from letterers, type designers and type foundries. Everything was drawn by hand and without preliminary sketches. Most of the time I worked with distinctive display or script fonts (Bauhaus 93, Lobster, Rockwell and others), since these are easier to draw. My project resulted in a quickly accessible collection of alphabets depicted in various styles. I find useful to look through it from time to time for finding the inspiration.

Typography in Bruxelles

Bruxelles is a perfect place to get some typography inspiration. I went there last month and was amazed by the beautiful signages in the city center. While trying to identify some typefaces, I found Fonts in Use. The website contains a public collection of typography classified by typeface, format, and industry. Everyone can contribute any kind of design, as long as the typography is visible. This website has a large collection of signages, facilitating the search of the most popular typefaces. Thanks to Fonts in Use, I was able to identify the Broadway typeface represented on the last picture. The rest is more tricky, but I would like to submit few examples from my collection and get the typeface references. Stay tuned!

Typography in Moscow

Last month I spent two weeks in Moscow and tried to enlarge my collection of signages, but it was not so easy. The downtown Moscow is widely spread and so are the interesting restaurants, cafes and shops. To discover something special you need to move a lot. Walking 10k a day in Moscow is normal. Here are examples of typography that I found while running my daily “marathon”. This collection contains restaurant and shop signages. Only the last image is a well-known Russian ice cream.

Typography in the United States. Part 1.

I collected some photographs of signage and shop windows from Boston and Cambridge that I would like to share with you. Some signages look modern, while others are more decorative and remind me the art-deco style. The actual variety of typography in Boston area is much wider than represented here, so enjoy this first part of inspiration and stay tuned for the second one!

Typography in France. Part 1.

I found some great examples of signage in my photo archive and I would like to share them with you. All these pictures were made in France (in Rouen). In some cases the typography looks really clean and modern, while others are more old-style and decorative. While living there I didn't pay too much attention to all these beautiful letters, but now I am really glad that I took all these pictures. It's a great source of inspiration for me. Enjoy!