35 Days of Patterns: Week 5

The last week of my pattern making challenge was full of colorful experiments. It seems like all the previous four weeks were just a preheat of my creative muscles. I really enjoyed working with color and creating these layered geometric patterns. I am wondering where this project could go if I continue it for a month more. It might be wild. The best thing about everyday projects is that you gain momentum and the whole process becomes fluent and easy. At the end you look back and realize that just a little bit of regular effort could lead you far away. 

Previous weeks:

35 Days of Patterns: Week 4

Due to the Valentine's day I couldn't resist the desire to make a pattern with small hearts and a new variation of the XOXO pattern. 

While working on the abstract brush strokes pattern, I've made several versions and ended up with two more pieces (the same for the dotted patterns). Changing the density of elements and the amount of white space creates a completely different mood. 

35 Days of Patterns: Week 3

Even though I've made two patterns with hearts and leaves, I am trying to explore simple shapes and not to draw objects. The first pattern of this week is my favorite one. It was made of textured brush strokes and has a particular energy and confidence. It almost says “I'm abstract, cool and I don't care.” 

35 Days of Patterns: Week 2

It's the second week recap of my #35daysofpatterns challenge. The blueberry pattern was too easy to create (and destroy afterwards), so I've made one extra work. The first pattern is not seamless and was 100% hand made with watercolor, dry pastel and golden pen. No computer tricks applied afterwards. The pattern with kisses required a lot of red lipstick :) The rest was drawn by hand using only black ink. The watercolor textures were added with a little help of the technologies. 

Which pattern of this week do you like the most? Let me know in a comment below.

Stay tuned for the next week!

35 Days of Patterns: Week 1

Here are the patterns from the first week of #35daysofpatterns challenge. I prefer working with simple black and white shapes, when there is no color distraction. Even though I added some color this week, all the patterns were originally created as monochrome versions. It's good to have a limited color palette: this constraint helps me to focus the attention on the shapes.